WealthO2 Superannuation
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WealthO2 Superannuation

WealthO2’s superannuation and pension offering is called “Super Simplifier” and is a sub plan of an APRA regulated fund. We set out to offer a different option to advisers and their clients for superannuation – something new, that sits between a super fund and an SMSF, and at a fee comparable to an Industry Super fund.

Super Simplifier gives members the personalisation, transparency and flexibility of an SMSF, but for a fraction of the cost.

Under this approach, advisers and clients work together to choose a mix of assets that will best meet the goals of each investor. Like an SMSF, client assets are held in individual accounts, but unlike an SMSF, the trustee is APRA-regulated. The benefits of efficiency and scale this model offers means clients enjoy a customised, flexible investment experience but without the SMSF price tag.

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WealthO2 Super Simplifier
  • Transparency and personalisation
  • SMSF-like at a fraction of the cost
  • APRA regulated super fund
  • Adviser driven asset allocation
  • Portfolio and member administration