WealthO2 MDA Operator
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WealthO2 MDA Operator

WealthO2’s MDA offering is called “MDA Operator” and is both a software and service for MDA advice authorised advisers to implement the personal advice efficiently and in a RG179 compliant manner.

MDA Operator’s primary business is the operation of a managed discretionary account (MDA) service to both retail and wholesale investors. Through our Managed Account Services, MDA Operator assists advisers to manage client portfolios using either a discretionary (MDA) or individual (IMA) approach, and manage adviser created Investment Programs tailored for their clients. We work with advisers to ensure that all Investment Programs formulated for clients meet minimum eligibility criteria as mandated by MDA Operator.

MDA Operator’s proprietary software delivers automation of compliance features including document storage, workflow and audit for investment program implementation, alerts and sophisticated rebalancing, electronic signatures, scheduled client regulatory reporting and communication tools, relieving the manual administration costs and efforts and allowing for greater scale and efficiency for the adviser.

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WealthO2 MDA Operator
  • Automated RG179 compliance and controls
  • Efficiency and scale
  • Intra day sophisticated bulk rebalancing
  • Aggregated and allocation trade execution
  • Client portal, scheduled & ad hoc reporting