WealthO2 Funds Exchange
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WealthO2 Funds Exchange

WealthO2’s managed funds transaction exchange is called “uXchange”. uXchange provides advisers with simple, low-cost access to managed funds for their clients, and provides an alternative to traditional wrap platforms. uXchange offers the benefits of a platform with the reduced effort and paperwork in buying managed funds, beneficial ownership, distribution, holding and transaction data reporting, without the ongoing % administration fee usually associated.

uXchange offers access to a range of Australian registered domestic and global funds, which are selected based upon adviser and client demand. The platform is unconflicted as it is not aligned with any bank, product issuer or other financial institution.

For more information visit uXchange

WealthO2 uXchanage
  • Easily access managed funds
  • Low cost service
  • Transaction based costs
  • APL based on Adviser demand
  • Inspecie workflow