Model Managers on WealthO2
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Model Managers on WealthO2

WealthO2 supports the Advisers in providing access to both the assets that are in best interests of the client (lower MER etc) as well as specialists in investment  management who can provide models and research and investment committee participation.

Below are some of the Model Managers and Asset consultants that provide these services currently already to Advisers using WealthO2 services.

AssureInvest provides outsourced investment management and investment consulting services to advisers, stockbrokers, accountants and high-net worth individuals.
Andrew Doherty
m: 61 400 456 132
Bellmont is an independent, boutique portfolio manager and broker offering a cutting edge, low cost investment management solution for IFA’s operating on WealthO2. Our comprehensive service includes assistance with portfolio governance and compliance, bespoke model portfolio construction including direct Australian equities, customised written and video communication, wholesale broking rates, and implementation assistance from a team with over 18 months experience working with WealthO2 – all for a competitive capped price, that ensures a scaleable, efficient long term solution.
Contact details:


P: 02 8042 1990

InvestSense is a portfolio construction and consulting company founded by Jonathan Ramsay, Fil Andronaco and Jonathan Tolub in 2014. While we are a young firm the team has been working together for over six years with each member of the team having over 15 to 20 years of experience.

P: 02 8067 8462

BetaShares is a leading manager of ETFs and other Funds that are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (‘ASX’). Our aim is to provide intelligent investment solutions, which help Australian investors meet their financial objectives.

Contact details:

P: 1300 487 577

Quilla offers a range of SMA portfolio management services, from standard to highly customised SMA solutions. We couple this capability with technology, designed for Advisers to use with clients, that increases engagement and enables advisers to customise solutions in real time. For more information, please visit:

Contact Chelsea Dunne  E:  M: +61 419 768 979

Evergreen delivers best practice investment solutions for financial planners. Our services range from providing input on an investment committee to building bespoke portfolios for clients. Evergreen has one of the largest and most experienced investment teams in Australia, and we pride ourselves on the high level of service our clients receive. We work with a limited number of high quality financial planning practices.

Angela Ashton, Director

0409 119 233


XTBs offer direct, individual exposure to senior corporate bonds traded on ASX. XTBs are available over both fixed rate and floating rate bonds of top ASX-listed companies. More than 50 XTBs are currently on ASX in $100 units.

Contact Details:


Tel: 1800 995 993


Banyan Tree Investment Group complement their portfolio management service with proprietary investment research

Contact details:

Level 2, 123 Clarence St, Sydney, NSW, 2000
P: +61 2 9696 8162

Morningstar Investment Management Australia Limited is part of Morningstar Inc. a listed company (NASDAQ: MORN) and a leading provider of investment management, asset allocation, capital markets research, multi-asset portfolio construction and investment research services with over 35 years’ experience in the United States, Australia and other international markets.

Our managed accounts are used extensively by independent financial advisers in Australia who seek holistic portfolios of direct equities, Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) and managed funds – blended together with a flexible, valuation-driven asset allocation approach.

Our long history in managed accounts has meant we have met and surmounted hurdles that less experienced participants are yet to encounter. The unique combination of valuation-driven asset allocation and a flexible investment process helps investors to quickly and efficiently take advantage of the best global investment opportunities, using the best investment vehicles for the task at hand.

Contact your state manager directly or contact us:

Telephone: 1800 951 999



HarbourSide Capital is an Australian investment management company offering SMSF investors unique investment solutions across a range of asset classes. We aim to provide SMSF investors with a level of investment choices and outcomes previously only available to wholesale and institutional clients.

T: (02) 9432 7850

Harbour Reach Investment Strategy provides top-down, global, multi-asset research to Australian wealth managers. We produce strategic and dynamic asset allocation research, with a focus on outcome-oriented solutions


             T:    +61488977744


Russell Investments – With more than 80 years of experience, Russell Investments is a global investment solutions provider, dedicated to helping investors reach their long-term goals. Russell Investments offers investment solutions in 31 countries, manages US$290 billion in assets (as of March 31, 2019) and provides consulting services on $2.3 trillion in assets (as of December 31, 2018).

Russell Investments specializes in multi-asset solutions and investment and implementation services with a goal of delivering the best investment strategies, managers and asset classes to its clients around the world. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Russell Investments operates globally with 21 offices, providing investment services in the world’s major financial centres such as New York, London, Tokyo and Shanghai.

The Russell Investments Managed Portfolios implement our global investment ideas at a compelling cost. Blending the world’s leading managers and strategies in a diversified, adaptive and efficient portfolio. At the core is our truly dynamically managed portfolios. Complemented by a range of ETFs and our proprietary equity multi-factor models to create an active Australian shares portfolio for investors.

Contact:         Terry Tyrrell


Phone:           +61 419 264 276


Since 2005, we have built and managed Australian equity separately managed accounts (SMAs) and individually managed accounts (IMAs) for individual investors and institutions. As a dedicated managed accounts specialist, we are not distracted by other investment products. Instead, we maintain an unwavering focus on looking after tax-effective, low-turnover SMA and IMA portfolios which, over the long term, have delivered our clients superior investment outcomes.

Andrew Fitzpartick M 0400456570 E:

Resonant Asset Management constructs active multi-asset portfolios at near passive cost for the managed account sector.

Nick Morton and Glen Holder, with over 40 years combined experience in institutional broking and funds management, employ a unique professional “Quantamental” process to build high performing solutions with direct stocks, ETFs and some managed funds.

The focus on technology and efficiency not only brings performance and cost benefits, but also enables groups to get a tailored, custom built mandate and a collaborative governance framework.

For more information, do feel free to contact Nick or Glen:

Phone: 02 91883805




Jevons Global is a boutique investment advisory firm.  We offer direct equities model portfolio services, for both Australian and global stocks. Our core Australian equities model has been used by a WealthO2 client for over eighteen months now. In addition to model portfolio services, we provide investment committee and research support services on global financial markets.

The firm is independently owned and operated by Dr Kingsley Jones and Ms Bente Pedersen, who have been investing together in global equities markets since 1996.

Contact Dr Kingsley Jones E: M: +61 467 555 612 T: +612 9929 0425



Mawson is a boutique investment management company founded in 2010, owned and managed by a small team of investment management professionals with over 60 years experience in financial markets.

Our Model Portfolios have been employed by Independent Financial Advisers due to our market neutral philosophy to investment, as we believe that the preservation of investors capital is paramount.

We provide varied services to culturally aligned advisers such as; consulting, co-marketing initiatives, and regular market updates to their clients.


T:    +61 (0) 430 365 972



Research IP provides consultancy and technology services to a range of clients, based in London, Luxembourg, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia.  Our clients control a total of over A$9 billion on behalf of their clients and investors. They are both large and small – from one man advice firms, to family offices and adviser groups, pension funds, charities and NFPs.  By leveraging the skills of specialists, Research IP is able to provide innovative and tailored financial services solutions to the market place.

It is a privilege to work with a diverse range of clients, not only geographically, but in the way they support their clients to help them achieve their goals.




Aberdeen Standard Investments Australia Limited (‘Aberdeen Standard Investments’) is the Australian subsidiary of the Standard Life Aberdeen PLC group. The investment arm of the group operates as Aberdeen Standard Investments.

Aberdeen Standard Investments is a global asset manager dedicated to helping investors around the world reach their desired investment goals and broaden their financial horizons. The Australian business, which began operations in December 2000, manages assets for global and domestic clients, including managed investment schemes and segregated mandates.

We also partner with advice businesses to construct bespoke investment management solutions, enabling advice firms to deliver their clients unparalleled access to professionally managed and truly transparent portfolios within an SMA framework. We are however more than just investment providers; we offer end-to-end service to support: dealer groups in providing wider range of services at a more affordable price, advisers becoming more productive and profitable and advice being made more accessible and affordable to clients.

Contact details

Con Koromilas – Head of Wholesale Sales

Ben Duncalf – Director, Key Accounts

0412 945 147

0488 484 423

DFSPS provides institutional-grade multi-asset portfolio solutions and investment selection services to advisory & wealth management firms. Our experienced portfolio management team is responsible for portfolio construction, which is supported by our proprietary quantitative tools and reviewed by our independent investment consultants.
We partner with advisers, who we see as the key wealth management stewards to provide customised solutions which incorporate the Practice perspective.
We have developed a deep understanding of how to integrate the portfolio service into the client servicing and review process; and further appreciate the importance of regular client communication between formal reviews. We aim to foster meaningful portfolio engagement between advisers and clients by providing easy-to-digest portfolio updates and support the operational needs of Advice firms together with the fiduciary responsibilities of advisers.
Advisors can access a suite of portfolio options designed to meet the diverse portfolio needs and preferences of each major consumer cohort.
– fully implemented models; or
– custom made models to meet the specific needs of Advice firms
DFSPS also works with investment committees responsible for managing internal model portfolios. This service decomposes risk and return drivers across Active, Passive & Factor-based investments to provide greater transparency and appreciation of each strategy under consideration and/or review.
A flagship offering is our dynamic risk-based model portfolios designed to provide active downside risk management disciplines, which is of particular value to the broad retiree market.

Contact Stephen Romic M 0408332271 E:

Ethical Advisers Funds Management Pty Ltd (EAFM) are passionate about offering ethical investment choices to all investors. By integrating the social, environmental and financial aspects of an investment, we believe that a more sustainable investment return is possible. EAFM is a subsidiary of Ethical Investment Advisers Pty Ltd, which was founded in 2004 by two pioneers of ethical investing.

Ethical Investing is all we do. We have built a strong culture of putting the interests of our investors first. Our experience and specialisation gives us the knowledge and understanding of how ethically minded clients want to invest. Our vision is to help all investors incorporate their values with their investment objectives. EAFM have a highly experienced investment committee with an average of over 20 years of industry experience, and have been managing Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s) since 2014.


P: 1300 25 44 13


M: PO Box 623, Paddington QLD 4064