MA Operator, Frontier
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Project Description

MA Operator, Frontier

Frontier is a specialist financial advice firm, providing financial security and peace of mind for the education community and their families for over 20 years.

An important offering for Frontier clients is Managed Accounts (MAs). Frontier had constructed an in-house technology system to administer MAs on behalf of its clients, but was seeking additional services and improved efficiency.

“We came across MA Operator in late 2015 when the system was still in development,” said Financial Adviser Steven Woodford. “What interested us was that the capabilities were similar to the important features we had built in-house, but it was web-based.”

Frontier kept in touch with The MA Operator team as the system was being developed, and set up the system for their own personal funds late last year. “Once we were happy and comfortable that the system met our requirements, we moved our client base on to the system in July 2016,” he said.

Mr Woodford said the key benefits of implementing MA Operator had been around efficiency. “MA Operator enables us to manage our clients’ portfolios in a systemised way,” he said. “It reduces implementation time because we don’t have to trade manually any more, it’s all automatic. From an internal perspective, I think what people like most is that it’s a structured system and there is a solid methodology behind every client transaction. Nothing is ad hoc, and everything is on one system.”

The support throughout the decision phase, implementation phase and ongoing service was a particular point of difference, Mr Woodford said. “I think the support’s been fantastic, Catherine and Shannon have always been very responsive which has been hugely helpful to us.”

About the technology

MA Operator provides managed account and direct client portfolio services for financial advisers, both with and without Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA) advice designations. MA Operator’s low cost and transparent pricing together with its scalable and tailored services, proprietary rebalancing and analytics, provide scalability, cost reductions and efficiency for its clients.

MA Operator’s experienced team provides three distinct service offerings using its proprietary software, namely MDA Provider services to AFSLs whose licence allows for advice on managed discretionary accounts; managed account and direct portfolio software and services to advisers ‘SOA model’; and software and services for external MDA Providers looking to enhance their efficiency and scale.