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About Us

We started in 2015, with WealthO2 MDA and WealthO2 Managed Accounts launching in 2016. As industry practitioners, we saw these two areas as places technology could most easily rectify the pain financial advice practices were feeling. In bringing automation to compliance, execution processing, broker data connectivity, rebalancing and sophisticated performance and analytics, we think we’ve successfully tackled this problem and brought efficiency and scalability to financial advice firms.

Next, we turned to managed funds. Trading managed funds through platforms is extremely expensive, and mFunds has seen sluggish uptake. Enter WealthO2 uXchange. An alternative to both platforms and mFunds, it slots perfectly into existing workflows and offers lower cost and higher transparency than any other option.

Finally, we looked at super. We wanted to develop a different option for superannuation for advisers and their clients – something new, that sits between a super fund and an SMSF, and at a fee comparable to an Industry Super fund. WealthO2 Super Simplifier gives members the personalisation, transparency and flexibility of an SMSF, but for a fraction of the cost. Under this approach, advisers and clients work together to choose a mix of assets that will best meet the goals of each investor. Like an SMSF, client assets are held in individual accounts, but unlike an SMSF, the trustee is APRA-regulated. The benefits of efficiency and scale this model offers means clients enjoy a customised, flexible investment experience but without the SMSF price tag.

Meet the Team

Shannon Bernasconi

Shannon Bernasconi, Managing Director and Co-Founder

Shannon has over 17 years’ experience in Financial Services in Australia and abroad. Shannon has recently held the position of Managing Director Australia at Calastone (a global top 50 Fintech innovator company). In the role of MD, Shannon led the strategy, sales and growth initiatives for Calastone in Australia working closely with the Asset management, Banking and Advisor community. Prior to Calastone, Shannon was employed by Royal Bank of Canada for over 8 years in various roles, including Global Product, Strategy and Development and Client Solutions.

Shannon has successfully led key strategic initiatives, provided consultancy to strategic clients, and implemented multiple transformational high profile projects. Shannon brings both vision, a true understanding of where the market is and trends for future direction, a logical and pragmatic approach, and an inspiring energy to all those that work with and alongside her. She has a strong Product Management and strategy skillset with a focus on innovation. Shannon has a Summa Cum Laude BSc Honours in Chemical Engineering.

Jacques Victor

Shai Saar, Chief Technology Officer

Shai is an established and visionary IT leader with a demonstrated track record in delivering successful business and IT transformations. He is also an experienced software engineer with a wide range of technologies, platforms and industries including Telecommunication, Security and IT.
Shai had recently held the position of Head of IT at a Telstra company delivering a strategic plan and leading the IT function with an emphasis on effective governance, change management, software and infrastructure. Shai has a BSc in Computer Science and is currently completing an MBA at UNSW Business School
Colin Bernasconi

Colin Bernasconi, Director – Business Growth and Projects

Colin is a Director of WealthO2. Colin has over 25 years experience in Financial Services in technology, integration, wraps, product, compliance and advice projects and program management. Colin holds a MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management, an Advanced Diploma in Financial planning and a degree in Business and Technology. Colin oversee’s the key project initiatives and strategy.

Brett Westbrook

Brett Westbrook, Corporate Affairs and Co-Founder

Brett has over 30 years experience in the financial services industry in the management of large superannuation funds, the provision of advice to both wholesale & retail clients, financial planning, and operating managed investment schemes. For the past ten years Brett has been involved in managing accounts for both Wholesale and Retail accounts. The last four years through MDA arrangements.

His proven record of leadership and management led him to obtain Chairmanship in various financial advisory companies and Directorship of industry associations. Brett is RG-146 Compliant. He graduated from Macquarie University with a diploma in Superannuation Management. Thereafter, he obtained his Master Degree in Business Administration at Melbourne University.

Colin Bernasconi

Hong Nguyen –  Senior Product Development Manager

Hong is a Product Development Manager at WealthO2 and has over 13 years experience in financial services. Hong has worked extensively on portfolio administration and wealth management platforms in roles across operations, business analysis and product management at Ord Minnett, Iress & HUB24. Hong enjoys working with advisers to develop practical and efficient business solutions.

Catherine Moore

Catherine Moore, Client Relationship Manager

Catherine has over 20 years experience in Financial Services, ranging from Settlements to Compliance officer held in global firms of the likes of UBS, Macquarie and CIMB. Cat, as she is affectionately known, is a Client Relationship Manager and on boarding specialist helping our clients leverage the best of our service and channels their valuable feedback.

Antonina Pavko

Antonina Pavko, Multilingual Client Services

Antonina Pavko is the Multilingual Office Coordinator in MA Operator’s Sydney office. She assists with client and system operations to ensure effectiveness, assisting with quality assurance testing and liaison with the development teams. Tonia is also a key person responsible for facilitating the communication and relationship with a key development team.

Antonina Pavko is a multilingual specialist with over 15 years of career across diverse range of industries where she held various positions in international franchising, marketing and business communication.

Antonina Pavko holds a Master of Arts degree from Kings Own Institute in Sydney as well as a Master Degree in Languages and business communication from University of Constantine the Philosopher, Slovakia.

Peter Sawtell

Peter Sawtell, Operational Excellence

Peter Sawtell has over 25 years in financial services and is an innovative and highly motivated member of the team. His experience in the banking, insurance, superannuation & financial services sectors, is coupled with project management and business analysis skills. Peter plays a key role in the development, operations and quality control of our service.

Rudi Engelbrecht

Rudi Engelbrecht, Software Consultant

Rudi has over 20 years of experience in Financial Services and building solutions for Wealth Management. Rudi co-founded and held the role of MD at a successful FinTech providing a Software-as-a-Service Wrap solution to Wealth Administrators and Advisers. Previously Rudi held the role of CTO at Equinox, an online managed funds platform offering direct access to retail consumers and advisers.

Rudi also worked at various merchant banks in Johannesburg, Los Angeles and San Francisco as a Systems Architect on various projects, including Treasury management solutions, integrations into Stock Exchanges, Foreign Exchanges, Banking, Asset Managers and Registrars. Rudi is a strong leader and brings with him operational and technical expertise with a focus on Product Development.
Rudi has an MSc (cum laude) in Computer Science.

Tom Sargent

James Fawcett, Software Engineer

James is  a C#, WPF developer with over 12 years experience in the Technology and Finance Industry and most recently as Team Lead at a leading global electronic market maker.

Having developed a deep understanding of the technical and business needs of a fast pace financial technology business, James enjoys working closely with the business and translating their requirements into solid technical solutions.

Tom Sargent

Jeanette King, Operations and Client Experience

Jeanette has over thirty years experience in the Finance Industry including Funds Management Operations, Wrap Platform and Operations Management and most recently as Project Manager at RBC Investor & Treasury Services.

Having developed a deep understanding of the Banking and Wealth Management industry, Jeanette possesses a passion for delivering superior Client Experience through her acute attention to detail, persistence and a quest for knowledge.

Tom Sargent

Joseph Maghames, Senior Software Test Engineer

Joseph is a Senior Software Test Engineer with over 10 years experience in both automation and manual testing.
Joseph holds a Bachelor in Mathematics and Information Technology from the University of Western Sydney.
Joseph has solid experience working in an agile environment and experience in developing and maintaining automated system test scripts using C# / Selenium web driver.